I Still Have More to Say About Tacos

Never Enough Tacos

A lot has happened for me over the past couple of weeks, beginning with Omar Villegas‘ L.A. Taco article on my Taco Tracker, which was reported on by local and national media outlets such as Los Angeles Magazine and Newsbreak and re-tweeted by a few of L.A.’s finest food writers.

This exposure has created some interesting part-time opportunities for me, which I am excited to share soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this site, which will ultimately serve as a convergence point for all of my writing, photographing, tracking, and singing about tacos.

I will continue to post general non-taco restaurant reviews on Yelp; See them at https://bigdumbjay.yelp.com.


Jay Keyes, the San Diego Taco Guy

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